Upcoming Meetings

Lakefront Brewery Tour in Milwaukee! This event is the ASM kickoff event on September 9th and is FREE to students. More details and registration can be found here.

Our first Material Advantage meeting will be held September 15th at 7 pm in room 265 of the MSE building – more details about the meeting will be available shortly.

Lastly, there will be a Materials Science and Engineering open house on September 18th from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. All MSE students are encouraged to volunteer. We had a great turn out last year, with a lot of positive feedback, and we are hoping this year will be equally as successful. Please contact Doug Fraser at dfraser2@wisc.edu if you are interested.


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Membership Applications

If you need an AFS membership application contact Thomas Chrobak (chrobak@wisc.edu).

Material Advantage requires completion of an online application, along with the membership fee ($30). This form can be found here:http://www.tms.org/society/mbrwindow.html?join=2 AFS membership fees are paid for by AFS.

Thank you for visiting. Please explore our website and check back for more AFS/ASM/TMS/ACERS/AIST news.

Chairs: Molly Mentzer (Material Advantage) & Tom Chrobak (AFS) (mkmentzer@wisc.edu and chrobak@wisc.edu, respectively).

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