Upcoming Meetings

Our next monthly meeting will be held Thursday March 5th in MSE room 265. We will be discussing upcoming events so please come to see how you can get involved!

On Tuesday, March 10th, Dean Ian Robertson will be speaking on hydrogen embitterment phenomena at the ASM-Milwaukee dinner. If you are a due-paying MA member you get free admission, dinner, and drinks courtesy of ASM. We will carpool to Milwaukee to show support for our dean.


The “when it comes to dislocations, screw it!” t-shirt won the competition by an exceedingly slim margin! Charlie is working hard to get the design finished up and have them in your hands before spring break. We will request a show of hands at the next meeting to get an estimate of how many we need to order.

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Membership Applications

If you need an AFS membership application contact Thomas Chrobak (chrobak@wisc.edu).

Material Advantage requires completion of an online application, along with the membership fee ($30). This form can be found here:http://www.tms.org/society/mbrwindow.html?join=2 AFS membership fees are paid for by AFS.

Thank you for visiting. Please explore our website and check back for more AFS/ASM/TMS/ACERS/AIST news.

Chairs: Molly Mentzer (Material Advantage) & Tom Chrobak (AFS) (mkmentzer@wisc.edu and chrobak@wisc.edu, respectively).

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